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Are you looking to move to a new destination? It might look like an easy process, but it takes a lot of planning, courage, and strength. One question that often creates moving hassles for the movers is the protection of their in-home essentials, especially their favorite ones. The prime responsibility while driving is to keep the stuff miles away from any damage.

Therefore, in this blog, you’ll learn how much a piano weighs, moreover, how you can break it into parts for efficient moves. With professional movers, it becomes simple to transport your in-home possessions from the old places to your new desired destinations. This blog will cover all weights, sizes, and other dimensions of all Grand, Baby Grand, and even Upright pianos.

Read this blog thoroughly till the end and learn all the major piano-related stuff you need to know for the best outcomes. We’ll try our best to ease your moves and enhance your relocation experience to the next levels of comfort and satisfaction.

Categorizing Pianos – Discussing Weight & Size:

Usually, an upright piano weighs between 200 and 1,000 pounds, which is the normal weight for these kinds of pianos. Finding out the exact weight and size of your piano means looking at its unique features. There are three main types of pianos: Grand, Upright, and Electric. Here we’ll break down everything for you to ease your moves in the future.

1. Upright Pianos:

Talking about the famous acoustic piano, the Upright piano is a common type of musical instrument when it comes to premium features. These instruments are also known as vertical pianos because their strings are always strung vertically to provide a more compact and authentic sound environment. Their average width is 58 inches, thus they are the best choice for all music producers. Talking about the types, each of their kind has a different size and weight. However, with the assistance of our expert relocators, you can easily find out which piano needs more focus while moving. Here check out these different types:


This is a full-size action piano setting focused on the keys. Its versatile size makes it a flexible choice for all music lovers. Its size comes between 44-48 inches, along with a total weight limiting up to 450 Pounds. It is a classical musical instrument and ensures user comfort when each note produces heavenly sounds.


This special drop-action instrument is the smallest upright piano working on the indirect blow action. It strikes keys in different sections but creates the perfect sound loop. Hence it is the best piano and people are always curious about how to move it. Talking about the size, it comes in 35 inches and weighs up to 200 Pounds.


Do you have the all-time classic console piano? Well, this is the best in-home piano and people are always looking for an easy way to transport this piano without damaging it. It is the second smallest upright musical piano on this list. Its size is between 40-45 inches, Moreover, it weighs between 350-450 pounds. Hence, acting as a proper in-home stylish furniture.


Have you ever purchased grand pianos? They surely sound magnificent but they are quite expensive. In opposite to that, Upright pianos are quite affordable, they have smaller sound boxes, hence they are the perfect choice for moving. Talking about their size, they are 50-60 inches in length, plus, they weigh around 500 pounds.

2. Grand Pianos:

The Grand Pianos are the real-life classic masters of this musical world. With their gigantic sizes and supreme musical versatility, they are considered the best choice for sound loves. They are also known as horizontal pianos because their strings are set horizontally towards the ground. Their size is between 5 feet which supports their compact structure.

Wondering why you should always be careful while moving this piano? Well, this is a traditional musical instrument, well known for its amazing sound production in concerts and other musical shows. There are six main types of such pianos, our moving professionals have a versatile experience of moving all of them, so be sure to read thoroughly.

Concert Grand:

Have you ever been a part of live orchestras? Well, this piano has been! This is a supreme concert grand musical instrument measuring up to 9 feet in length & weighing up to 1200 Pounds. Wondering why you must be careful while moving them? Well, the answer lies in their balanced tone. This special tone production with clean sound makes them a focus possession while relocations.

Ballroom Grand:

In case you are a professional musician, then we know that you can sacrifice all your needs just to ensure the safety of this luxury piano. The Ballroom Grand is a semi-concert instrument used in live concert halls and places. Its size is 6-7 Foot and weighs about 1000 pounds. Therefore, you need to make special arrangements just to keep this piano safe & working.

Parlor Grand:

The moving professionals have always considered parlor grand pianos as the best & easiest relocating possessions. Due to their small size and simple design, they add elegance to your living rooms and produce the perfect quality pitch & tone. They weigh around 700 pounds and have an overall length of 6 feet.

Medium Grand:

The Medium Grand is the most popular in-home musical instrument with so many quality features. Its length is measured between 5-7 Feet & it weighs around 600 Pounds. Its classical wooden design may look compact, but it needs proper care while moving. Therefore, you should have proper resources & plans to transport such pianos to your desired destinations.

Baby Grand:

The Baby Grand is the best & most versatile piano on this list. It is short & compact, thus ensuring good sound and less space coverage. These are also considered as the smaller versions of traditional type pianos with an effective & small soundboard. However, the sound may not be effective & strong as compared to the full-scale pianos. It measures around 4-5 feet and weighs nearly 800 Pounds.

Petite Grand:

The Petite Grand is the smallest horizontal piano available for musical experts. Thus, it is the easiest piano to move from one to the other place without damaging its core & interior. It weighs about 500 pounds along with a simple measurement within 5 Feet.

3. Electric Pianos:

Do you move often? Well, in that case, Electric pianos or digital keypads can be your premium choice. These small pianos are well known for their classic sound options with so many innovative features ready to be explored. Their overall size can be measured under 60 Inches. Here check out their different types & find out which can be your best choice if you move a lot.

Digital Grand Piano:

Are you a professional music lover? This Digital piano is the heaviest Electric piano on this list. Its premium sound pitch and tune options make it similar to the traditional acoustic pianos with great features, however, in a small size. It measures about 50 inches with an easy portable weight of 500 pounds. So, why not move with it?

Standalone Digital Piano:

Looking for an affordable piano that sounds closer to a traditional acoustic piano? This Standalone digital piano just like its name stands alone considering its premium features and innovative approach to music production. It has a pretty low weight measuring around 300 pounds with a small length of 50 inches.

Professional Digital Keyboard:

This professional keyword comes with a smaller desk which generally doesn’t take up a lot of space. Moreover, it has all the electric capabilities to generate the rich sound that a professional piano should generate. Its overall length is 55 pounds with a very small weight of just 60 Pounds. So, isn’t it the best choice for moving?

Beginners Electric Keyboard:

Ever been a part of a live music instruction group? Well, this electric keyboard is the main asset of this musical class. It is the lightest electric piano with a small weight of 30 Pounds and measures about 50-60 Inches.

Important Tips for Moving Piano – Expert Opinions:

Since we have discussed the importance of the size and weight features of Pianos according to their types & specs, it is time to learn their moving tips. We all know Pianos are hard, fragile, and compact, therefore, it is the prime responsibility of a mover to prevent their bodies from any sort of dent or crack. The best thing is to hire a professional moving company and let them handle everything regarding your precious pianos.

Here check out these different tips that our expert movers have shared. Follow them & save your costs on both hiring movers & fixing the damaged pianos.

1. Calculate the Moving Costs:

We do know that the moving costs depend on several factors like weight, size, distance, and user interest. Therefore, it is essential to keep all of that in mind and then calculate the overall estimates. Talking about the average price, to move a piano costs about $400 but, it might cost even more depending on your requirements.

First, you need to do some calculations. Start by exploring the moving rates of all the professional moving companies near you. This gives you an early idea of how much your budget list is going to be affected. When you are cleared, if you can afford it, share all the instructions with your movers and let them do their thing.

2. Create Moving & Protection Plans:

In case you are moving the pianos with your help, you still need to make effective and strategic plans for a hassle-free move. You can get assistance from professional piano movers and ensure that each step you take is effective and doesn’t lead to damaging your stuff. Explore all the plans shared online & then create one for yourself.

One main mistake unprofessional movers commit is that they don’t look for the protection of their surroundings. As mentioned above, Pianos are fragile as well as compact, they can damage the weak products in your home while you move them. Therefore, put cloth sheets on your floors and prevent them from scratches, and use paper to enhance protection.

3. Prevent Piano From All Damages:

As soon as your pianos get damaged, their price declines as fast as a bullet. Their market demand gets very low due to their damaged interior or exterior designs. Therefore, it is essential to hire professional movers when you don’t have any prominent experience of moving. Their tips and tricks can help you a lot when it comes to preventing pianos from damage.

First, you need to cover the pedals and the keys of the piano with a protective bubble wrap. Secondly, you need to close the piano’s lid and ensure it is not filled with dust or dirt. Then comes the process of wrapping or covering, you need to cover it with a blanket and make sure it is not getting damaged such as dented while relocation.

4. Lifting the Piano:

As shared by moving professionals, lifting is the key to moving possessions with ease, accuracy, and efficiency. Pianos are categorized according to their weight and size, therefore, you need a proper support system to pick them from the ground and load them efficiently in the trucks. Depending on the size and weight, you can hire professional movers to take care of your pianos.

However, an average group of 5-6 people is enough to transfer the Pianos from one place to your desired destination. You can also purchase the moving trolleys, once you life these big musical instruments, you can push the trolleys under them and then easily move them into the trucks through the truck ramps.

5. Getting Ready To Tune!

Once you reach your destinations, you still need the help of professional movers. These experts can create a strategic plan according to your desires like how can easily unload the piano and set it the way you like it. However, if you are helping yourself, then be sure to take assistance from your friends and family.

Together you can easily shift it from the truck to wherever you like. It would be the best choice you’ll have while moving and keeping your pianos safe & sound. In the end, be ready to create magical tunes and pleasing piano sounds.

In Conclusion:

How much does a Piano weigh? If you are a mover, this blog has shared everything you need to know to experience a hassle-free relocation to your desired destinations. With the expert tips of our professional movers, you can easily categorize different types of Pianos depending on their weights and sizes, thus calculating their moving costs.

From Grand pianos to upright musical instruments, you can easily see how much each type of piano weighs and why need to care for them while moving. Moreover, the major tips and tricks for Piano moves are also shared which include creating moving plans, preventing instruments from damage, lifting the instruments, and hiring professional movers.

In the end, you need to get assistance from movers as well when you reach your desired destinations. It is your choice whether you like to unload and set the piano yourself. Be sure to stay connected with us for more related blogs.

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