Ideas for a Friend Moving Away Gift:15 Heartfelt Suggestions

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Are you looking for a tasteful suggestion for a friend moving away gift? Don’t Look further because we’ve got you covered. The departure of a dear friend is a situation we all must encounter at some point in our lives. Whether your work besties are moving to another state or your roommate has found a new apartment. Seeing the people we love move away is hard, but seeing them start a new journey is exciting. 

But what if we say that you can stay a part of their life even after they relocate? This blog will provide heartfelt suggestions for moving away gift ideas. These suggestions will make this bittersweet situation memorable for a friend moving away. So please read the blog until the end and find a bonus tip and our handpicked gift ideas with an extra special touch.

13 Ideas for a Friend Moving Away Gift:

All good things have to part away at some point, whether it is a work-friend friendship switching companies or your high-school friend leaving for college in another state. It is tough to say goodbye and even harder to find a friend moving away gift. Sending gifts should convey your affection and make a lasting impression. 

People like to put much thought into moving away gifts to send off their friends with a thing that reminds them of you and their bold home. Here are some of the ideas and heartfelt suggestions for a moving away gift to farewell your dear friend:

Digital Picture Frame to Replay Your Moments

Digital Frames are a very home décor option these days, but they can also make a very good moving away gift. These frames have built-in memory or memory card slots with a maximum storage of 100+ images and videos. This little trick allows you to save and replay all your enchanted and jolly memories with your friend on a digital display. Some of these frames also come with built-in hard drives and Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Digital photo frames make for a beautiful gift when a friend moves away. They add a personal touch and show thoughtfulness. These frames are stylish, have a sleek structure, and look very smart as home décor. Moreover, this gift idea is also very cost-efficient; you can find these frames conveniently on any online home décor website, costing around $25 to $40. This gift idea will take your friend on a nostalgic trip down memory lane whenever they see them in their new home.

Personalized Best Friend 3D Lights 

This gift lands in second place on our heartfelt moving away friend gift ideas list. This gift has the most innovative idea with the thoughtfulness of customization and brilliance of 3D. We assure you that a customized 3D LED light is a heartwarming farewell gift your friend will surely cherish. 

Moreover, this gift idea comes with a ton of customization. You can choose any shape, size, and text on your 3D light. Print your favorite moment on the lamp and write memorable quotes and dates. It can also intelligently portray your sentiment, encouraging a sense of closeness even when they’re miles away. You can also give them another precious gift, helping them to find the right moving boxes

A Journal to Start a New Journey 

A Journal has been an excellent Bon voyage gift for decades, so putting it on our moving away gift idea was necessary. This simple, uncomplicated gift idea portrays your consideration in the best way possible. This gift idea also comes with unlimited personalization options. You can choose the paper color theme and text on the cover according to your wish. 

It is an economical gift that can profoundly impact your friendship. It also might help them survive the process of their moving away. They use their personalized journal to write everyday thoughts or process their emotions. Your friend also uses these journals to make their moving budget or relocation checklist. They can also write recipes, work tasks, and handwritten to-do lists to maintain their daily lives. We assure you that this sending-away gift idea is a must-try. 

Customized Friendship Mugs 

If you are looking for a gift idea that reminds your friends of you when they move away, try giving them a customized long-distance friendship mug. The best thing about this gift idea is that something will not end up on their walls or table. It is a gift they will use whether for their morning coffee or evening tea.  

It has many innovative themes, ideas, fonts, and material choices. Print your picture on the cup and write quotes and particular messages. You can also write hilarious, unique, and personalized messages that brighten their day whenever they take a sip. So, make your friend’s farewell more enchanting by giving them a gift that captures the essence of your friendship, infusing each sip with mirth and nostalgic moments.

Made-to-Order Miles Apart Maps 

Customized Long-Distant Maps is a gift option that has recently become popular.  It is a perfect way to show your friends how much you mean to them without spending a lot. This map become a great home décor and helps you stay connected with loved ones far away. Whether you’re looking for long-distance gifts for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or friend, our custom maps are a thoughtful and heartfelt way to show that you care. You can adjust the text to turn this into a long-distance family gift! Choose from a wide range of options that will leave a lasting impression and a gift that will be remembered for years.

Custom Vine Label for Housewarming 

Vine is the best housewarming gift you can find for anyone in any situation. However, particular wine sellers also provide customization options for bottles. Call any of these popular services and ask for personalized vine bottle labels. They also allow you to choose the type of vine, material, and label templates. These customized labels can be used for anniversaries, birthdays, housewarming, or farewell parties. 

You can add your text and, on specific labels, even upload your picture on the Vine label. They also offer a variety of fonts, font colors, and font sizes for you to choose from. If you want to make a grand impression on your friend’s moving away party, show up with one of these vine bottles with customized labels. It is a unique way to say bon voyage to your friend, and we assure you it will instantly become a hit. 

Plush Blankets for Coziness

Plush Blankets are another great way to say goodbye to your moving-away friend. These blankets work all year for every season, whether it’s a breezy summer picnic or a cozy winter night.   These blankets are the perfect gift for your friend ready to embark on a new adventure. If you are a friend who loves to travel, these blankets can be the ideal company to take on the journey.  Moreover, it can also become a great housewarming present for your friend to start a new chapter. This gift also comes with a personalized option that can be elegant in their new home. 

Scented Candle to Make them Feel at Home

Scented candles are an excellent option for a moving away gift, as they can trigger memories. These candles make an incredible home décor option, harnessing the power to give your friend of their hometown whenever lit. This option also comes with a customization option to attach to get them a candle tied to a specific memory.  Candles come with tones of scents such as rose, apple orchard, and lilies so that they can relax after a hectic unpackaging session. This gift option is a great reminder to help them make new memories in their next place without feeling homesick.

Sending Away Friend Pillow 

Long-distance friendship pillows have become an excellent option for moving gifts these days.  These hand-embroidered pillows provide many options to personalize your thoughts and wishes about your friend. This is a charming gift option that your friend will surely adore. It comes in many options that you can choose for customization. You can add any personalization option, like hand embroidery on a 19” by 19” or a cotton throw pillow with black velvet piping and soft polypill. Send your friend a statement piece that will brighten up their new home and be a sentimental reminder of where they came from.

A Plant to Remember 

Plants are a heartfelt way to say goodbye to your friend who is moving away. The best plant option given to your friend is succulent plants. These plants symbolize endurance, strength, and resilience, which will make a gift with profound meaning. Moreover, these beautiful plants convey a meaningful message to the recipient. Succulents make a thoughtful and symbolic gift for people. We assure you these plants will make a perfect companion for them in their new and someone they can take care of so they don’t feel melancholy. 

Pinky Promise Bracelets

We know that when you think friendship bracelets, but for adults, it means quite a little overrated. But still, it is the most adorable way to display your love and affection to your departed friend. Many high-quality options for promise jewelry include handmade jewelry sets, including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. This jewelry option can also be engraved with meaningful inscriptions. These bracelets are things they can wear and always keep closer to them whenever they feel alone. Moreover, these bracelets are a gentle reminder of you and your friendship. 

Portable Camera to Capture New Moments 

Instant cameras are always the best gift option, no matter the occasion. However, it is the most unique gift option when your friend leaves to embark on a journey. It can lead them to create and capture new unforgettable adventures. It is a digital world where Facebook and hashtags are trending. We are always looking for good pictures. And this is why sometimes taking a break with the old-fashioned printed photos is excellent. This travel gift is easy to carry and portable, so they can put it in their tote bag and have countless moments. 

Games and Activities

If you are used to playing games with your friend, then games and activities can make an excellent present for your friend who is moving away. Give them a copy of their favorite board or card game to make your gift more considerate. This way, your friend will never get bored in their new home. You can make a bucket list of all the activities you did together to do them when you visit your friend.

How to Pack Your Gift Properly: Bonus Tip

Below are the step-by-step guidance on how to pack your gift correctly to make it more presentable:

  1. Make room to start packing by clearing out a large, flat surface such as a kitchen aisle or dining table.
  2. Gather all your packing supplies, such as wrapping paper, scissors, and tape.
  3. Measure your gift item and cut the right amount of wrapping paper.
  4. Use gift boxes for fragile items
  5. Wrap the paper around the edges and secure the box with tape.
  6. Fold the exceeding corner for a cleaner finishing look.
  7. Add décor packing supplies like ribbons, bows, and flowers to make your gift look more presentable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the FAQs about the Friend is Moving Away Gift:

Q1. What should you do for a friend who is moving away?

Ans: You can do many things for a friend who is moving away, like looking for a good mover, helping them pack, or helping them perform pre- or post-cleaning sessions.

Q2. Do I have to get a gift for my friend’s moving away party?

Ans:  Giving your friend a moving away gift is not customary, but it might show how you feel about them.

Q3. How do you make your friend’s farewell more memorable?

Ans: There are several ways to make your friend’s farewell more memorable, such as planning a particular activity, organizing a picnic, or going to the movies.

Q4. How can I make the gift more meaningful and sentimental?

Ans: You make your friend moving away gift more meaningful by adding a hint of personalization. 

Q5. Should I give the gift before or after they move?

Ans: It depends on how you plan to surprise your friend Werther when he is in the city or after they move away.


Finding a great gift idea for a friend moving away takes proper thought and research. We know how much your friends mean to us and their impact on our lives. It can be challenging to process our emotions when a dear friend moves away. If you are looking for gift ideas that portray the importance of your friend in a heartfelt, then we are here to assist with it. Above, we have provided you with thirteen of the best moving away gift ideas to make your friend’s farewell more memorable.

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