Insider Tips on How to Move to Another State in 2024

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“How to Move to another state” is one of the most searched queries on the internet. The start of a new year brings many new and exciting opportunities for people. Whether it is a job promotion or a bold step to grow your business, interstate relocation can be hard to handle.

It was a complicated transaction to see him adjust to the new harsh dynamics of that state. However, you don’t have to worry about that because we are here to provide what is needed, which answers the question of How to Move to another state. We got insights on everything from Moving an apartment to Office and Popular moving options.

Why Move to Other States?

Before we delve into how to move to other states, let’s first explore why one might consider relocating. Moving to another state can open the gates of personal and professional growth for people. No matter what type of relocation you face, whether permanent or temporary, it allows you to start over and get a fresh perspective on life.

Moving to a more significant state like Alaska or South Carolina gives you more potential business or job opportunities. Moreover, the rate of daily wages and monthly salaries are also higher in bigger states. If you are a socialite, moving to another state can expand your circle and meet new neighbors and coworkers. Another potent reason to move to another state is that if you move to a state like South California or Florida, it allows unlimited entertainment options.

Moving Trends: Popular States to Move in 2024

Knowing the moving trends is the most potential insight to gain on moving to another state. Understanding why and where people are immigrating can make your relocation more efficient. Below, we have provided all the needed details about the three most popular states people are moving to:

Southern States  

The Southern States is an expansive region expanding on the southeastern and south-central coast of the United States.  As per reports from leading movers, the southern states have been a popular relocating option for the last ten years.  The warmer climate of cities south of states makes it ideal for new graduates, young families, and retirees to afford luxury without breaking the bank.

As per studies, the number of people moving to warmer cities like Florida, Texas, and Tennessee has reached up to 1.2 million per year in 2022-2023. These numbers are expected to rise even more in the coming years, making the Sunshine State hold the moving crown. The leading moving destinations in southern states include Sarasota, Orlando, Ocala, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, and Melbourne.

North Carolina 

North Carolina is located in the Southeastern region of the United States. The particular state has become a trending option for people with one of the most significant move-in rates. The cities in The Tar Heel State are referred to as the most preferable to moving states. Regardless of their luxurious towns and because of their topography.

Studies indicate that the population of this state has continuously increased, reaching up to the 9,000-person net in 2021. The state’s work, family, and weather-related benefits have been described as an attraction for many people.


Tennessee is a landlocked state located in the heart of the United States. This state is the heart and soul of southern music, the capital of the country music scene. The volunteer state has a rich history and is famous for many things, such as the Manhattan Project, Dollywood, and the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.

The state has become a popular moving-in option for start-ups, entrepreneurs, and local vendors to expand nationwide because of its low tax rates and living costs.  The high quality of life has kept people on the move to Tennessee. It’s not a perfect place, but Tennessee is about as good as possible for the price.

This state offers various benefits like affordability, low business costs, prime location, superior transportation infrastructure, and a high-quality workforce, which make it highly sought after for commercial moves.

Based on tourism, this state is the second-largest in the industry. The raw number indicates that the Volunteer State’s population increased by 4,500 families in 2022. It is highly likely for people from smaller states to choose to relocate here because of its low cost of living, low taxes, expanding job market, and natural beauty.

Estimated Cost of Interstate Moving 

Moving costs are one the things that can make relocation more difficult for us; that is, having an estimate ideal can make it easier. However, interstate moving costs more than local moves. As per reports, the movers usually start their services for interstate moves from $1,140 per 500 miles.

Moving can be expensive, and many factors contribute to the final cost. The weight, size, and distance of your move, as well as any additional services you require, all play a role in determining the total cost of your move.
It’s worth noting that moving companies often charge less for smaller moves, such as studio apartments, while more significant moves, like four-bedroom homes, tend to be more expensive. The type of move you’re making also affects the estimated cost, with long-distance and interstate moves typically costing more.

Based on the rates chart of leading moving companies in 2022, the lowest estimated bid for moving starts at $41.59. The average cost for moving a studio apartment is $31.42, while the price for a four-bedroom home can go up to $48.77. Remember that additional factors, such as furniture assembly or disassembly, moving bulky or fragile items, or needing packing services, can also add to your final cost.

6 Insiders Tips on How to Move to Another State Budget-Friendly:

Moving is daunting but can be made stress-free and efficient with proper guidance. Below are six insider tips to guide you in moving to another state.

  • Proper Research of Move-In State

Proper research is the key to your successful move. Many leading moving Gurus suggest that their clients do adequate research on the state they are moving to. Knowing the state can make it easy for you to move in and adjust. When you know your destination, it helps you choose the suitable options and blend easily.

Before moving, you should research and have proper knowledge of many factors, including the weather climate, cost of living, schools, job market, and healthcare facilities. Also, research and properly know the neighborhoods and communities and try to visit your state beforehand.

  • Hire a Professional Mover

We can say that hiring the right mover is the correct answer to how to move to another state.  However, this task is not as easy as one would think, requiring proper time, research, and expertise. When you have a trustworthy moving company, they take over your relocation tasks like packing, loading, and transportation.

So, take some time and conduct extensive research to find the best moving companies in your neighborhood. Take help from platforms like Amazon Review, Yelp, and Google to check their profiles and go through reviews and comments online.
Also, don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations. In addition, ensure that the company is licensed and insured to make your move cost-efficient. A reputable moving company can distinguish between a seamless transition and a total nightmare of an interstate move.

Finding the right mover for your interstate relocation can be the point that decides the fate of your move, which is why we are here to assist you with that task. Below, we have provided the list of handpicked platforms to help you find the right mover for your needs:

  • Moving Estimates: Moving Estimates is the ultimate solution for your moving problems. This company specializes in all types of moving and provides premium solutions. Whether your relocation size is big or small, they can assist you with options that easily fit your budget.

  • is the most efficient platform for finding cost-efficient moving companies in your neighborhood. The website helps its clients to connect with reliable, economical, and premium services. It is highly trusted, works in all the country’s central states, and has been in the moving sector for over a decade
    1. HireBestPros: HireBestPros is the best place to find unmatched relocation services. Their database features the top three leading service provider options for every household problem. They specialize in various sectors, including home improvement, insurance, moving, and finance.  Their team works diligently to introduce their clients with cutting-edge solutions. If you want to find premium service providers in real time, then HireBestPros is your best option.  
  • MoversNearMe: Movers Near Me is your assistance to get trustworthy local service providers. They are skilled professionals familiar with the moving industry’s different dynamics. Their platform is simple and easy to use, which makes them ideal for clients. Their database features options for every type of move, whether significant, small, near, far, residential, or commercial.
  • Organize, Declutter, Conquer 

Decluttering is a pro hack that can make every move seamless, especially interstate ones. As distance and weight are the factors that highly impact your move, it is essential to find a way that can affect both of them. Many professional moving websites recommend decluttering before packing. This can help save space, time, and money. 

If you have any unnecessary items, such as clothes, books, household supplies, or electronics, lying around your house, take the time to get rid of them. These items can make your move more challenging and costly. To avoid this, review all your household items and sell, donate, or throw away the things you don’t need.

  • Pack Smart and Cost Efficiently

Packing is the thing that plays a vital role in the process of your interstate move. This task requires much time and energy but can be easier to complete with the right supplies. However, there are certain things to remember before buying packing supplies. The first thing to do for intelligent packing is to Measure and evaluate your items so you know precisely what your packing needs are. After understanding your packing needs, Break down your belongings into categories. Example: fragile, heavy, bulky, or oddly shaped. This will help you choose the packing material quantity and cost according to household items.  We suggest choosing high-quality, sturdy moving boxes in various sizes as they can help avoid damage.  Also, invest in safety materials like packing tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and air cushions.

  • Cost of Living in Other States

When planning to move to a new state, it is essential to consider the cost of living, as it can significantly impact your budget. Before relocating, it’s crucial to research and understand the expenses you must pay for. This includes rental and mortgage costs, tax rates, property taxes, and homeowner’s insurance. Additionally, estimating the cost of utilities such as electricity, water, heating, and cooling in the state you are moving to would be best.

Apart from these expenses, it would be best to consider other living costs like transportation-related expenses such as commuting costs and public transportation options. It would be best to look into the cost of groceries, healthcare, and other daily essentials to get a clear picture of your prospective financial landscape. Before making any moves, understanding all the costs associated with living in a new state is vital. 

  • Overview of Job & Housing/Real Estate Markets

When planning an out-of-state move, assessing two fundamental aspects: employment opportunities and housing options in your new location are crucial. For instance, begin by researching the job market in your destination state, evaluating the availability of positions in your field, job prospects, and potential career growth.

Simultaneously, delve into the local real estate market to gain insights into housing options, from apartments to houses. Affordability, location, and proximity to your workplace should be carefully considered to ensure a well-informed decision and a successful transition.

It would be best if you also took the time to explore the recreational opportunities available in the area that are specific to your hobbies. This might involve discovering nearby parks, gyms, hiking trails, lakes, etc. These places can significantly contribute to your overall lifestyle and well-being, providing physical activity and leisure opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some FAQs about How to Move to Another State:

Q1. What do you need to know when moving to another state?

Ans: We have provided all your insights about moving to another state. 

Q2. Why is it hard to move to another state?

Ans: Moving to another state is quite overwhelming. It requires expertise, hard work, and planning to complete. 

Q3. How do you move states successfully?

Ans: To make your move successful, gain insights from Moving Estimates on How to Move to another state. 

Q4. How long does it take to move to another state?

Ans: Interstate move requires can take up to 1-2 working days to complete. 

Q5. Where do you find the best platform for interstate moving?

Ans: Check the list of our recommended movers above to find the best option for interstate moving. 


“How can I move to another state?” is a question many of us often ask ourselves. We know interstate relocation is challenging, so we are here to assist you. With our expert guidance and helpful recommendations, you can plan everything well ahead of time for your move. This blog gives you all the necessary insights to move to another state.

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