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Have your auto, homeowner, life or other insurance rates increased over the years? Do you suspect you paid too much in the first place? If so, now you can compare the rates for the top insurance companies in one convenient search. You can save money by searching our website to obtain a free online insurance quote that compares the rates of our partners. Our free service includes but is not limited to the following types of insurance companies:

  • Auto insurance: Covering cars, trucks and other vehicles, auto insurance offers protection against damage to a vehicle or a person in the case of a collision, as well as liability coverage.
  • Homeowner insurance: This type of insurance covers the structure of a person’s home and its contents. Insurance companies also offer liability coverage for accidents that take place in the home.
  • Life insurance: Life insurance pays a beneficiary a lump sum of money when the insured person dies to protect against financial hardship.
    Renter’s insurance: While the apartment building or homeowner’s insurance covers structural damage, renter’s insurance covers liability and the personal belongings of the renter.
  • Condominium insurance: Similar to renter’s insurance because it covers property loss and liability, condo insurance also has special provisions that can be added for repair or maintenance of everything inside the unit.
  • Landlord property insurance: Landlord insurance covers damage to the building or house as well as the contents of the house that renters are using, such as major appliances.
  • Business insurance: Protecting against losses that affect the operation of the business, this type of insurance covers risks that are potentially devastating to a business, such as lawsuits or natural disasters.
  • Flood insurance: This type of insurance covers property loss after flooding.
  • Property insurance: Property insurance is an umbrella term for various types of insurance that protect against property damage, including fire and flood.
  • Moving insurance: Many moving companies offer little to no compensation for damaged goods during a move, so it is important to purchase moving insurance to protect your property.

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