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Moving Estimates By Weight

When you are busy planning a move, it is already stressful enough without having to wonder about how much the cost of the move will be. Trying to find an estimate for moving becomes much simpler when you know the weight of your possessions. Whether you are planning on just moving to a new place in your town or journeying across the country to a different place, we can help you figure out the price of moving with several different moving companies. This valuable information will help to make your moving experience as easy and stress free as possible.

Discover The Weight Of Your Possessions

With our simple and easy to use website, the hardest part of finding moving estimates by weight will be calculating the weight of the items you want to move. Fortunately, the internet can provide a great deal of information. As long as you have the product names for your furniture and appliances, a quick visit to the production company’s website should tell you the weight of the items. The weight of smaller possessions, such as books or clothing can easily be estimated based on volume, or you can use a bathroom scale to get a more precise weight.

Long Distance Moving

If you are planning on an interstate move, you should realize that an estimate based on cubic feet will most likely be inaccurate. For long distances, an estimate that is based on the weight of your possessions is far more accurate. A weight based estimate means that the moving company can calculate the cost of gas and wear and tear on their vehicles while they are traveling the long distance to your new home. Looking at moving estimates by weight will prevent you from being surprised with extra fees and costs at the end of your move. If you get a binding estimate for moving, then the cost of moving will not exceed the estimate.

Estimate For a Local Move

If you are just planning on moving locally, you might be considering just taking care of everything yourself. However, this can be quite a lot of work, and the cost of buying or renting moving supplies can really add up. With our services, you can see if it will save you more time and money to let the professionals take care of your move for you. We specialize in helping people to connect to local services, who can promptly estimate moving costs for the weight of your possessions, and our quotes are completely free of charge.

Find The Cheapest Time To Move

Most first time movers do not take the time of their move into account, but this can make a huge difference to the cost of your move. Moving during the middle of the month is often cheaper, and moving is especially pricey right at the beginning and the end of the month. Since we take into account your planned move date, we can provide accurate estimates, and you can see when it will be cheapest to move.

Compare Prices Easily

Calling up many different moving companies for an estimate is a waste of valuable time that could be spent packing or coordinating your move. lets you compare quote from different licensed and insured movers completely free of charge. Our system never takes longer than two minutes to help you find the most reasonably priced moving service the your needs. With a moving estimate based on weight, it is very simple to discover what the different moving companies in your area would charge for a move.